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Why Loomsuite?

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Loomsuite make your SALES journey so easy

Start Conversation

Start a conversation with anyone that comes into your DM for the first time.

Drive more sales

DM automation replies to your users instantly to drive you more sales

Engage with your audience

Use the DM automation tools to instantly reply your comments on your post

Comment Automation

Instantly reply and send a DM to anyone that comment on your post

Story Reply

Instantly reply to anyone that mention you in their story. Send a thank you message or send them to your sales page

Grow Followers

Automates the most difficult parts of your social media marketing so you can grow smarter and faster.

Accounts that are already using DM Automation to increase their leads and sales on Instagram

Some of the Recent Instagram DM Automation Results Are...


Keywords Trigger

Use keywords to trigger an entire conversation in your DM when IG users message you with a specific keyword. Just like when you ask users to DM you a specific keyword, the IG DM automation is there to reply immediately. Can then collect user data and send the user to your sales page. This will increase your sales.

People can use a word or phrase to trigger conversation with you brand through Instagram Messenger.

IG Post Comment Automation

Automatically reply to a comment and also DM people who comment on posts. Like when a user comment on your post, you can automatically reply them and also send them a DM. This instant reply will definately get you more sales.

Automatically send a direct message to any user who comments on a post.

Story Reply Trigger

Use keywords to trigger an entire conversation in your DM when IG users reply to your story. Just like when you ask users to DM you from your story, the IG DM automation is there to reply immediately. Can then collect user data or send the user to your sales page.

Automates conversations with customers using Keywords that are specific to your brand

Story Mentions Trigger

Instantly reply to everyone who mentions your account in a Story. You can send a thank you message, collect leads or send the Instagram traffic to a sales page or website.

Replying instantly to anyone who mentions your Instagram page in their Instagram Story

Supercharge Your Instagram Ads

Add automation and messaging capabilities to Instagram ads. Instantly reply to any one that message you through your Instagram Ads. This will generate more quality leads and drive more sales.

Supercharge your existing Instagram efforts, driving more sales with Instagram automation

Instagram Automated Welcome Message

Start a conversation with new customers who have never messaged your account before. This is a great way to answer frequently asked questions like “Do you open on weekends? ” “Can you deliver nationwide? .
The user will click on any of those questions and loomsuite Instagram DM automation will automatically reply with your preset answers. This can be used to collect leads and send the user to your sales page and making sales without you touching any button.

welcome messages respond to people who message an Instagram account for the first time/

Capture User Information

Automatically collect and store user data (email and phone numbers) inside your DM with the Loomsuite Instagram DM automation tool. Send email and SMS for those users to make more sales.

users can enter into a conversation that can capture their email and phone number

Live Chat

You will love Loomsuite IG DM automation. Let your team member attend to your customers on live chat. You can chat with your customers live from the loomsuite dashboard. The live chat can be on the desktop or your mobile phone.

Chat with your costumers from our dashboard.

Other Features & Benefits

Schedule out social media posts in advance is a must for social media professional. This allows you to work on your posts at a time that is convenient for you while still reaching your audience at the most effective times.

Post Schedule

Schedule/Instant post to all your social media accounts with few clicks

Multiple Accounts

Schedule/Instant Post to multiple social media accounts with few clicks

Periodic Re-Posting Ability

Ability to repost scheduled post in days, weeks, monthly or years.

RSS Auto Posting

Post the latest updates to your social followers . It saves on surfing time looking for what and when to post.

Post Types

Text, Image, Multi-image, Video & Link Post. Carousel & Slideshow Post

Bulk CSV Posting

Allows you to upload bulk image, link, and text campaigns via CSV file to be posted on specified social media.

Many more

Many more powerful features will be added in the future.

A Solution For Everyone

Small Business

Manage all your social media profiles, schedule posts and automate

Medium Business

Stay on top of your Social Media with a full set of tools to plan, engage and analyze.

Agency & Enterprise

Use brands to manage clients, locations, or products. Collaborate with teams


Streamline workflows, collaborate, engage with audiences, monitor & report

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