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Hi, My Name Is Fadipe Kabir Ola. 

I’m a coach and the founder of Loomsuite.

I help IG users with the IG DM funnel to increase their sales.

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A lot of things have changed on IG, and you need to change with it.

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Before I explain this tool, let me show you why you should stop sending people to the link in your bio

Instead, let me show you a fascinating discovery – the one that will help grow your online business to multiple six figures on IG.

After years of using “click the link in my bio” to send people your offer on IG.

IG now allows tools to automate responses to your users or followers online.

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Top Instagram DM automation tool

Comment Automation Strategy

The most profitable CTA (call to action) on Instagram is the comment automation strategy. Ask people to comment on your post and you automatically send them a private message. This Call-To-Action will generate tonnes of traffic for your offer. 

Watch this

Triciabiz used this comment automation strategy to send over 2000 people to her offer from a single post. She put out a post and ask her followers to comment. A private message will be sent to anyone who comments on the post. A great way to generate traffic to your offer.

Brock11johnson used the comment automation strategy to send over 2000 people to his offer from a single reel. 

Jenna Kutcher also used the comment automation strategy to send over 2400 people to his offer from a single reel. 

Here are five reasons why you should use Loomsuite to increase your sales on Instagram

With this tool, people don’t need to start looking for links to your offer or product, its right there in there DM.

1. Image Post Comment automation

Trciabiz used this image post comment automation to generate a lot of leads and sales.

A comment auto-responder is one of the best ways to increase Instagram engagement. Send automated messages and watch the engagement increase.

You can ask your target audience to comment on your posts using a specific keyword. When people add comments containing that keyword, it can trigger an Instagram DM that can then increase the Instagram traffic to your website.

Not to mention, this is also a fast way to add visibility to your posts and increase your current engagement levels. Instagram auto-replies are the way to go.

2. Reels Post Comment automation

If you can post a reel, this will work for you even if you have a small audience on Instagram.

Brock11johnson use this method to send over 2,360 people to his offer from a single reel post.

Instagram is giving a lot of exposure to reels, this is a big opportunity for you to grow your account and also make more sales.

These work just the same as comments on images in the feed posts. These posts are best for reaching people who haven’t interacted with your brand.

3. Automated Story replies

While Reels and feed posts are good for discovering new customers, Stories replies are perfect for strengthening your relationship with existing customers.

If you have comments automation set up for your stories, you can send an automated DM every time someone comments on your latest story.

According to Instagram itself, 50% of conversations between users and businesses start with a story reply!

With this tool, your stories will close you more sales and save you a lot of time. 

The more stories you post, the more sales you will make. 

4. Conversation starter

If someone slides into your DMs spontaneously, you can offer them automatic message templates to get the conversation started.

The user just has to tap to choose which message they want to send. For example, you could have messages pre-drafted for your most common customer queries or popular offers.

This saves time for users and starts the conversation.

5. Keyword Trigger

Use keywords to trigger an entire conversation in your DM when IG users message you with a specific keyword.

Just like when you ask users to DM you a specific keyword, the IG DM automation is there to reply immediately.

You can then send the user to your sales page. This will increase your sales.

What does LoomSuite do to increase your sales on Instagram?

Make More Sales

Help customers find the right product inside Instagram DMs. Automatically answer product questions, create product quizzes, and send customers to the point of purchase.

Generate More leads

Save time by qualifying leads with automated conversations. Collect and store emails and phone numbers. Jump in where needed and speak with qualified leads in real-time.

Instant Customer support

Increase customer satisfaction and save your team time by automating customer support answers. Respond to FAQs with pre-built answers, capture support information from customers, and notify your team to chat live if needed.

Start Conversation

Start a conversation with anyone that comes into your DM for the first time.

Supercharge your IG Ads

Do people DM your business on Instagram? Wish you could automate your responses to your followers and customers? You can now instantly reply to anyone that visit your profile and send a message to your IG DM from your Ads.

Drive more sales

DM automation replies to your users instantly to drive you more sales

Engage with your audience

Use the DM automation tools to instantly reply your comments on your post

Get more leads

Collect data like e-mail and name inside your Instagram DM

Story Reply

Instantly reply to anyone that mention you in their story. Send a thank you message or send them to your sales page

Grow Followers

Automates the most difficult parts of your social media marketing so you can grow smarter and faster.

Many more

More features in the bag with regular future updates.

Some of the Recent IG DM Automation Results Are...

Instagram DM Automation is a game changer

Instagram DM automation is a way to automatically have your business Instagram account reply to messages & comments on your behalf, to give your audience a quick, personalised experience without you having to be there manually responding to people

it’s so much more than just a simple autoresponder – the potential to grow your brand on Instagram using these new tools is huge, so many marketers are very excited about it. Brands are already using DM automation to 10x their results on Instagram

Let me be clear about what Instagram DM automation is not. This is not talking about “follow/unfollow” bots, bot farms, or spammy automation that go against Instagram’s terms of service.

We’re talking about tools that are approved by Instagram, designed to help you get more leads and sales, provide better customer service, engage with your audience more easily and grow your email and SMS list.

Why Do You Need Instagram DM Automation?

If your business is flooded with a lot of messages on Instagram daily, Loomsuite DM automaton tool is the solution.
Over 400 million messages are sent by Instagram users to businesses every day. They’re replying to stories, inquiring about products, wanting to know more about how to work together, and so on. While your business is receiving 100s of DM daily, you are typically answering a couple of them for several hours a day.

If you get a large number of messages, it’s easy to miss an important one (like a product inquiry) among all of the story tags and mentions. When that happens, you could potentially lose a sale.

A lot of buyers are on Instagram. When they search for products and services they want to buy, Because the algorithm, ads, and Explore pages are so good at showing people what they want to see, it’s only a matter of time before somebody sees a competitor’s product, DMs them, receives a fast response, and now they’ve bought from your competitor instead of you.

Instagram DM Automation is a most for anyone marketing on Instagram

With Instagram DM automation, you can respond to customers and prospects immediately. And you’ll be able to generate revenue and leads from Instagram in a way that wasn’t possible through just the organic feed.

If Your Business Is Not Getting A Lot Of Organic DMs

You can still take advantage of automation by triggering a message with a specific word you want people to send to you. That word triggers the automation and increases the number of DMs that come in.


Keywords Trigger

Use keywords to trigger an entire conversation in your DM when IG users message you with a specific keyword. Just like when you ask users to DM you a specific keyword, the IG DM automation is there to reply immediately. Can then collect user data and send the user to your sales page. This  will increase your sales.

IG Post Comment Automation

Automatically reply to a comment and also DM people who comment on posts. Like when a user comment on your post, you can automatically reply them and also send them a DM. This instant reply will definately get you more sales.

Story Mentions Trigger

Instantly reply to everyone who mentions your account in a Story. You can send a thank you message, collect leads or send the Instagram traffic to a sales page or website.

Supercharge Your Instagram Ads.

Add automation and messaging capabilities to Instagram ads. Instantly reply to any one that message you through your Instagram Ads. This will generate more quality leads and drive more sales.

Instagram Automated Welcome Message

Start a conversation with new customers who have never messaged your account before. This is a great way to answer frequently asked questions like “Do you open on weekends? ” “Can you deliver nationwide?.

The user will click on any of those questions and loomsuite Instagram DM automation will automatically reply with your preset answers. This can be used to collect leads and send the user to your sales page and making sales without you touching any button.

Live Chat

You will love Loomsuite IG DM automation. Let your team member attend to your customers on live chat. You can chat with your customers live from the loomsuite dashboard. The live chat can be on the desktop or your mobile phone.

pricing plans

Choose your desire plan.

Pay with paystack

Basic (3 Months Plan)

  • 1 Facebook Page And Instagram Account
  • Instagram Automation
  • Auto Comment Campaign
  • Automated keyword reply
  • Auto Reply Posts
  • Story mention reply
  • Private reply to comment
  • Sales automation inside Instagram DM
  • Build advance drag & drop Instagram DM automation
  • 24 Hours Sequence Messaging

Standard (6 Months Plan)

  • 1 Facebook Page And Instagram Account
  • Instagram Automation
  • Auto Comment Campaign
  • Automated keyword reply
  • Auto Reply Posts
  • Story mention reply
  • Private reply to comment
  • Sales automation inside Instagram DM
  • Build advance drag & drop Instagram DM automation
  • 24 hours sequence message

Premium (A Year Plan)

  • 2 Facebook Page And Instagram Account
  • Instagram Automation
  • Auto Comment Campaign
  • Automated keyword reply
  • Auto Reply Posts
  • Story mention reply
  • Private reply to comment
  • Sales automation inside Instagram DM
  • Build advance drag & drop Instagram DM automation
  • 24 hours sequence message

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